"Dueling Divas" Takes to the CJ Stage

Four contestants, eager to be named the top singer, learn that working together is the key to a successful opera during the Muse Machine performance of Dueling Divas.

"It's a game show style performance, like a parody of Jeopardy" explained the music director with the Dayton Opera Artists-in-Residence Program, Jeffrey Powell.

Dueling Divas featured the four current Dayton Opera Artists-in-Residence, soprano Chelsea Friedlander, mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Frey, tenor Brian Skoog and bass-baritone Vincent Grana.

"The singers have to buzz in and if they get the question right, they get to sing the opera selection that goes with it," said Powell.

The Dueling Divas show also allowed students to participate in one part of the program.

"I hope students take away that opera is fun and it can connect to everybody," Powell shared. "I hope they hear legitimate singing that is something beautiful and something they could potentially do if they go into this study."

Dueling Divas was specifically created for Muse Machine as part of their in-school performance series.

Posted March 23, 2017