Eagles Experience Life-Changing LIFE Week

For one week, students joined others from around the nation to focus on LIFE.

Summer LIFE (Living in Faith Experience) Week was held at the Marianist Bergamo Center from July 15-20.

“I wanted to attend LIFE Week because I had gotten the chance to go on the LIFE Summit at the beginning of the year,” said Anna Hieatt ‘21. “The leaders there said it was a taste of LIFE Week and I had so much fun on it — meeting new people and growing deeper in my faith. I then wanted to see what LIFE Week would be like since I had such a great time on the LIFE Summit.”

“I had heard a lot about the greatness of LIFE from returners — things like the relationships, the leadership, and the faith,” shared Mikayla Jette ‘21. “All of these interested me and I wanted to join the LIFE family. I also attended the LIFE Summit earlier in the year. It was a mini version of LIFE Week. I had such a great experience while I was there — I met people who I could talk to about anything and learned about my faith in a way that I had never thought before. I wanted to attend because I was given a small glimpse of what LIFE is and found it to be something I wanted to be a part of. While I was applying I even learned my aunt and my dad both attended LIFE Week so I knew it was meant to be.”

Throughout the week, students were part of small faith communities. The groups also participated in sacraments, prayer, learned more about social justice and developed leadership skills.

“I loved every single activity,” said Allie Bardine ‘21. “I especially loved our evening prayer services.”

“Picking a single favorite is like asking to do the impossible,” agreed Jette. “I experienced so much while on LIFE Week. My life was changed and I hope I can share that change with CJ's LIFE. If I were to pick a favorite experience, though, it would be my Mixed MLC group sessions. We started the week not knowing anything about anyone, but by the end it was like we were old friends. Watching the transition and growth of trust and authenticity was just mind blowing. I learned so much about the people in my group and that helped me to learn so much about myself. These wonderful people greatly impacted my life. They were so fun to be around. We could smile and laugh but we were also able to be serious and honest with each other. I will never forget these beautiful people and their impact on me. It was such an amazing experience.”

Students said they plan to share experiences and ideas from LIFE Week with the CJ LIFE group. They also said their experiences at LIFE Week is something they hope others can experience and take advantage of by attending LIFE Week in the future.

“If you get the opportunity to go on it, take it — you will not regret it,” Bardine said.

Hieatt agreed, “It was an amazing experience. I met so many good and genuine people who were all here for the same reason — to build community. I highly recommend this trip to anyone no matter where they are in their faith life.”

Posted August 14, 2019