Eagles Honor Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated. During the 30 days, the CJ community recognized those with Hispanic lineage and the Hispanic culture overall.

Each school day, a student with a Hispanic background was highlighted. The CJ community was asked to guess who the student was based upon clues focused on where the student’s family was from and traditions they would enjoy with relatives.

Other highlights throughout the month included Hispanic heritage trivia during lunch and a bilingual Mass.

“It feels really great to be recognized and to know that you’re important and so is your history,” said Juliana Yoss ‘20.

Maria Osnaya ‘19 agreed, “It is special to be recognized as a CJ Hispanic student and it makes us really appreciate our culture.”

Jack Nauseef ‘19 said in Spanish, “I love my Hispanic culture. I would never throw it away. I am also proud to be an American.”

Posted October 17, 2018