Eagles for Life Named National Group of the Year

CJ's Eagles for Life club was recently named the 2015 National High School Group of the Year by the Students for Life of America organization.

"As a member of Eagles for Life, I feel very proud of our group's accomplishments," said Mo Zopff '16.  "I think this award really shows how much we've done in one year.  Considering there are so many other high schools that could've won this award, I think it shows a lot about our group."

Sam Teague '16 added, "I think that winning the award is awesome, and reflects on the group and the school as a whole."

CJ students, faculty and staff were told about club winning the award during the Ash Wednesday Liturgy of the Word service on February 10. 

"I think it's awesome that CJ's Eagles for Life won the award," shared Zopff. "In years past, I remember talking to other students and teachers about how amazing it would be if CJ won.  I remember almost thinking it was impossible to get this award because there are so many other pro-life groups in high schools across the U.S.  It truly was a dream come true and I think all of the members of Eagles for Life are proud of this accomplishment. "

"Only one of these awards is given to a high school each year," Teague echoed. "It means a lot that the group has won this."

Eagles for Life members are pro-life and strive to create a culture of life at CJ. Throughout the year, club members participated in and helped organize the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, began holding a Rosary for Life after school on Mondays and raised more than $850 for Elizabeth's New Life Center through a baby bottle drive. Last year, club members also participated in the 2nd Annual Pro-Life Student Lobby Day hosted by Students for Life of America and Ohio Right to Life.

"We've been affiliated with Students for Life of America for several years now," noted Emmerich. " We have used some of their resources for our events and their regional representatives have come to provide training."

Eagles for Life members also traveled to Washington, D.C. in 2015 and participated in the National March for Life.

"Attending the Students for Life conference at the March for Life has been a significant part of our trip," Emmerich continued. "Students say that the conference really helps them to understand why we march and to feel empowered defend and even advance the pro-life position

Throughout this Lenten season, Eagles for Life members will continue advocating a pro-life message by observing the 40 Days for Life.

"We have slides on the daily cafeteria announcements and are planning other events," said Emmerich.