Eagles March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Humbling, empowering, and incredible. Those are just a few words students who participated in the 2018 March for Life in Washington, D.C. used to describe their experience.

Students, parents and teachers represented CJ during the annual march on January 19. However, the group began their journey the day before by attending Mass in the CJ chapel, and then making their way to Washington, D.C.

“I wanted to go on March For Life because I have always been passionately pro life, but I have never been to a movement like this one, so I wanted to experience something as big as this,” shared Alexandra Murray ‘19.

“I wanted to go on the March for Life because unborn babies cannot march for themselves or speak up for the injustice of abortion,” Cecilia Meadors ‘18 reflected. “In the United States, abortion has killed over 60 million innocent lives. This is a cause worth fighting for and valuing.”

This was Meadors’ fourth year going on the March for Life. For Joseph Allaire ‘19, this was his second year participating in the March.

“I went to the March for Life this year for a couple reasons,” Allaire said. “One of those was because now more than ever our country's laws are reflecting a culture of death. I pray that through my own participation in addition to CJ's we have been able to have an impact on the way this fight for life goes. The second reason I went was to become more educated and grow in my ability to eloquently speak about this modern day genocide. And lastly, I love going on the March because of a sense of community and mission within our group to go out and speak the Gospel of Life which is so close to the heart of the Catholic faith.”

On the day of the march itself, the group attended a rally and Mass and then joined thousands for the March.

“My favorite part was Friday morning, the day of the March itself, filling Capital One Arena where thousands of youth my age gathering for the celebration of the Eucharist,” Meadors said. “There was praise and worship music along with confession, before the chance to celebrate Mass with amazing amounts of bishops, priests, deacons, and other religious men and women. The prayers that took place during that entire rally made it easy to feel God working through each person around me.”

Allaire agreed, “I always love the March because of the diversity of the crowds and the positive vibrations coming from everyone. You see groups from churches, Knights of Columbus, law firms, secular organizations, feminists, young, old, and people from all over the country coming to support and defend the dignity of human life.”

During the March, the group united with Senator Rob Portman, who took time to speak to the group about their mission. After the March, the group joined Senator Portman and Congressman Jim Jordan for a reception.

On Saturday, January 20, the group attended the Students for Life of America’s National Conference.

“I really enjoyed the conference we went to after the March because it was much more of a learning experience than I had imagined,” Murray said. “I had learned a lot about planned parenthood, and it had just made me realize just why I stand for Life.

“I enjoyed it because of the incredible lineup of speakers they had present,” Allaire reflected. “I heard from clergy, former Planned Parenthood directors, doctors, adopted kids, father, mothers, and Pro-Life leaders. There were some very inspirational and eye-opening tales that have helped me better understand my position and how to share that with others.”

Before heading home the next day, the group prayed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and attended Mass at the National Basilica.

“I felt humbled being apart of the March,” Meadors said. “Hundreds of thousands of people walking in the same direction with the same goal of abolishing abortion certainly made me realize this is not a personal issue. This is an issue beyond myself and the people I went with. It is an issue of the society we have grown up in, allowing for selfishness to come before innocence.”

Murray added, “Being apart of the march was one of the most empowering things I had ever been apart of. It is amazing to see how many people believe and stand for the same things you do, because when you get back into school and into the swing of things it is very easy to start feeling alone in your beliefs. But when you are in something like this first hand, it is incredible to see everyone marching for what they believe in.”

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Posted January 29, 2018