Eagles On Teen Ambassador Board

Two students are representing CJ and the state of Ohio as teen ambassadors for the 2015-2016 school year.

“This is an impressive group that will further help my office protect Ohio’s families with an emphasis on young people,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine in a release.

Allison Huffman '16 and Noah Mussin Phillips '17 are two of the more than 170 students from 44 counties selected to be members of the Teen Ambassador Board.  To be considered, students had to have an average 3.8 GPA and complete an application form explaining why they wanted to be a part of this program.

"I think it is exciting being able to talk with other high school students about issues that are relevant to us," shared Huffman. "I like knowing that we can actually make a difference through our projects."

"I'm also excited to make a difference," agreed Mussin Phillips.

Members of the Teen Ambassador Board are divided into small groups to focus on an issue facing Ohio youth today. While Huffman and Mussin Phillips were assigned different small groups, both of their groups are reflecting on the same topic, drugs and alcohol.

"I have to research law enforcement and media outreach as potential actions to present to the Attorney General senior staff, which could make my group's proposal into legislation," explained Mussin Phillips.

"I have to meet and talk to my group members and come up with ways to solve or help with the problem we are assigned," echoed Huffman.

Teen Ambassador Board members will meet twice in Columbus during their term and with their small groups, present their ideas to Attorney General DeWine or his staff.

"The Teen Ambassador program seems like a fine way for our students to classroom knowledge to a program which models our Ohio General Assembly," said Tony Ricciuto, moderator of the Mock Trial team which Huffman is a member. "Both students will be able to network with students from across the state as well as Ohio government officials."

Both Huffman and Mussin Phillips hope to use their experience on the Teen Ambassador Board to help them in their future after CJ.

"I want to one day go into politics like my dad, so hopefully this will prepare me for that," said Huffman.

Mussin Phillips agreed, "This has been a very cool experience so far for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in government or law enforcement as something to consider."