Eagles Travel to Augsburg for Exchange Program

Eagles traveled overseas to Germany last month as part of an ongoing exchange between the sister cities of Dayton and Augsburg.

The students spent several days in Augsburg with students who attend Jakob Fugger Gymnasium.

“I wanted an experience that allowed me to be completely submerged into someone else's culture and daily life,” said Jessica Brunner ‘21.

“I’ve always loved the idea of getting to travel to another country and see how people from other cultures live,” shared Reiley Meserve ‘21. “This trip was my first real experience to be able to finally see this in person and experience what I have wanted to for so long. I was surprised about how most of their food was fresh and homemade, and also by the fact that everyone rides their bike or walks for the most part.”

The students stayed in the homes of the German students and spent time learning about their culture and city. 

“In Augsburg, I was surprised to see the difference in social tendencies and neighborhoods,” Brunner noted. “No one is very loud and small talk isn't natural. The neighborhoods are small communities with most houses connected like row-houses or townhomes. There are bakeries on every corner!”

The exchange program, a partnership with the Dayton Sister City Committee, has been going on for several years. In the odd numbered years, students travel to Germany, and in the even numbered years, German students travel to Dayton.

“The Dayton Sister City Program did a great job setting everything up and planning out activities,” said Meserve. “It was truly a wonderful experience and I would recommend that everyone at least considers participating.”

Brunner agreed, “I 110% recommend going because you get to see another part of the world yet you can still make parallels in how kids our age live. You are also thrown into a new community and it opens your eyes to the fact that there are so many people but we aren't all that different.”

Posted July 24, 2019