Football Team Attends Rosary Rally

Football players and coaches from local Catholic high schools recently gathered together not for a game under the lights, but at Holy Trinity Church in Dayton. On July 22, Archbishop Alter, Carroll, Lehman Catholic, Bishop Fenwick and Chaminade Julienne players attended a Rosary Rally organized by Sportsleader, a faith-based athletic character building program. The Point Men group, a faith-based group where many members are CJ alumni or parents, served as the host of this year's program. 

"As a Christian, I was thrilled to see so many young men in one place, in fellowship, praying to Our Lord and Our Lady," said Point Men group member and CJ religion teacher Tim O'Loughlin. "It was inspiring and, as a member of the CJ community, I was proud to see our school well represented."

"I really enjoyed going to the Rosary Rally," Alex Mayer '18 added. "It was a lot of fun being able to be with my teammates besides just on a football field. I loved being able to share our faith together by practicing the Rosary.

"Also, being able to see our opponents we will face this year was exciting too," Mayer continued. "As I sat and prayed the Rosary with my teammates, I looked around at all the different faces from other schools. Sure, we may be opponents on the field, but besides that one game, we can look at each other and see how we are all family through God."

During the event, Jonathan Bell '18 led the first decade of the Rosary by reading the opening mystery.

"The Rosary Rally brought the team together as a whole by opening up our faith lives together," Mayer shared. "It brought faith up in conversation, and allowed us to talk to each other about our faith lives. We talked and shared some of our beliefs. It also, at least to me, helped me see my teammates as my brothers. It grew my trust in them as I see them more as faithful children of God. I can look to my left and right on the field and know I can trust my brothers and that they'll be there for me."

O'Loughlin said that while on most Friday nights, one may think that football players would be on the field or with friends, he was impressed by the number of young men who came to the Rosary Rally.

"It was a Friday night, it was hot, most had to travel together on a bus, for some that probably meant four hours of their evening... for what? To PRAY with RIVAL football teams," O'Loughlin emphasized. "Who does that?  I'll tell you who: Archbishop Alter, Bishop Fenwick, Carroll, Chaminade Julienne, and Lehman Catholic do that. 200 men strong."

"I hope the Rosary Rally stays a tradition and that our team can participate in it my senior year as well," Mayer reflected. "It was a blessing to unite together and be able to practice the Rosary with my team and opposing teams as well."

Posted August 2, 2016