German Guests Emphasize STEM Opportunities

Three German graduate students, who are in the U.S. for an internship, recently visited CJ to share not only facts about their home country, but their passion for STEM fields.

Sebastian Reif, Andreas Demmel and Dennis Kröber are students at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Germany. The trio came to the Dayton area in September for an internship at SAS Automation in Xenia. The company president is Anneliese Fisher's '19 father.

"The company also has an office in Germany," said Reif. "We wrote a letter to the company and we were accepted for an internship here."

During their visit to CJ, Reif, Demmel and Kröber spoke with German class students about the similarities and differences between Germany and the U.S.

"The cultures are very similar, and everyone has been friendly," Reif explained. "The biggest difference is the food."

"It's a nice opportunity for them to talk about the German culture with their experience of coming to the U.S.,  but also to be able to share some of their STEM skills with our students too," said German teacher Katie Harding.

After talking in the German classes, the trio shared their background in the STEM fields as part of the STEMM Idol Speaker Series.

"There is a focus on the STEM fields in Germany as well," Reif told the group of students.

Reif shared that while his undergraduate had a focus on engineering, Demmel and Kröber chose to study business for their undergraduate degree.

"Both areas are important to have a background in for engineers," shared Kröber.

The trio said another benefit to their internship has been the opportunity to improve their English-speaking skills.

Harding added, "I hope our students understand what they can be able to do with German, and see how being bilingual can really open up a lot of doors for your career. "