Graduate Brings Real World Experience to Campus as STEMM Idol Speaker

In a perfect world, patients would follow her advice and treat her and the hospital staff respectfully, but hospitalist and internal medicine specialist Anne Schoen doesn’t practice medicine in a perfect world.

“But my job is taking care of all God’s people, not just the ones who are easy to care for,” Schoen said. “It’s easy to take care of patients who are nice and appreciative, but I need to provide good care for everyone, despite the fact that some of my patients don’t even care about themselves.”

Schoen, a Chaminade Julienne graduate, recently returned to campus as a STEMM Idol speaker. The ’97 CJ graduate completed her undergraduate degree in biological studies at Ohio University before attending the Ohio State College of Medicine. Schoen completed her residency training in internal medicine at Ohio State University Hospital before the Dayton native returned to the area to take a job as a hospitalist at Miami Valley Hospital in 2008. She spoke to students about her background and shared some firsthand experiences of the use and abuse of narcotics.

“I wanted to give a little taste of the practicality of what I do and share some of the day-to-day examples of what I experience,” Schoen said.

While medicine wasn’t her planned career path when she was at CJ, science was already a passion.

“I absolutely loved my time at CJ,” she said. “It really gave me a love for the sciences and for problem solving.”

That love of science combined with a strong desire to interact with people led her to medicine. In her current position, working predominantly from 7 p.m.-7 a.m., Schoen sees a fair share of drug-related cases. While she addressed the fact that overdose is the No. 1 cause of illicit drug-related death worldwide, she also spoke about the physiology of narcotics, how they work and why they are so dangerous.

Schoen is one of the many professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, match and medicine who participate in the STEMM Idol Speaker Series. The sessions – numbering about 15 during the school year – are open to all CJ students, faculty and staff.