Holocaust Memorial Contest Winners

It's been 70 years after the end of the Holocaust and World War II, but we're still learning about prejudice and racism today.

That was the theme provided by the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center for this year's Max May Memorial Holocaust Art Contest and Lydia May Memorial Holocaust Writing Contest. Eight students from CJ were selected winners this year in each of those contests.

In the art contest, Natalie Davis won first place, Adela Leon-Witt won third place, and Courtney Morah and Claire Armstrong received honorable mentions.

"This gives students a chance to express their ideas on the theme each year and then create artwork that will engage the viewer," said Art teacher Diana Barr. "Often they talk about these subjects in other classes as well and through their artwork they can educate the bystander who may not have even had plans to view the exhibit."

In the writing contest, Mikayla Kleinhans won first place, Francesca Weizman  won second place, Joseph Sattler won third place and Dehja Moore received an honorable mention.

"I am quite proud to keep this great CJ tradition alive," said English teacher Jim Brooks. "This gives students a better understanding of the Holocaust and to live the lessons we have learned from this tragic event."

The students' writing and artwork were on display at a ceremony at the Beth Abraham Synagogue earlier this month.  Three Holocaust survivors spoke during the ceremony and met with participants afterwards.

"It is very powerful and is an example of how they as individuals can do something to help our world," said Barr. "It all starts with one!"

Congratulations to all who participated in the contests!