Idol Focuses on Children's Mental Health

The mental health status of a child is just as important as it is for an adult. CJ's final STEMM Idol of the school year, Dr. Gregory Ramey, reiterated this thought when he spoke with students during homerooms on Tuesday, April 28.

Dr. Ramey received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Lake Forest College in 1971. He continued his studies and received his Master’s degree in education from Harvard University and his MS, Ph.D. in child clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts.

In 1979, Dr. Ramey began working at Dayton Children's Hospital as a child psychologist. During his 36-year tenure at the hospital, he has moved up the ranks and is now the Executive Director of Dayton Children's Center for Pediatric Mental Health Resources. Part of Dr. Ramey's responsibilities include administrating over the hospital's mental health division. He also continues his work with children and families as a clinical psychologist.

During his time at Dayton Children's, Dr. Ramey said the biggest change he has seen in children is how they interact with technology. "We can't ignore it, we're not going to put our cell phones away," Dr. Ramey said. "We have to help our children master the technology so it doesn't control them."

Dr. Ramey is a member of the American Psychological Association and Ohio Psychological Association. He provides a weekly column for Cox Media Group which is distributed by the New York Times wire service. You can read some of Dr. Ramey's work here. He has also contributed to articles in Ladies Home Journal, Parenting and Redbook.

Dr. Ramey was interviewed and involved in a national news program on NBC on teen suicide and has conducted more than 200 workshops or presentations on children's mental health.  In his workshops, Dr. Ramey focuses on parenting skills related to raising productive and well-adjusted children.

"We should not be demonizing mental health problems because all of us, at some point in our lives, deal with difficult situations," Dr. Ramey said. "The challenge is to figure out how to deal with those tough times in a positive, productive manner rather than shy away from them like they don't exist."

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