JCOWA Goes to Washington, D.C. for National Competition

Update: Congratulations to the JCOWA members on their participation in the Academic Worldquest! The group finished in the top 30 of the competition.

Road to Nationals: Four members of the JCOWA (Junior Council on World Affairs) club are returning to Washington, D.C. to compete in the World Affairs Councils of America's Academic Worldquest in Washington, D.C. from April 27-28.

Jake Jagels ‘18, Emery Monnig ‘18, and Connor Trick ‘18 represented CJ at the national competition in 2016.

“It’s nice to represent CJ on the national level,” Trick said.

Jagels agreed, “Getting to compete nationally is an honor and we are able to show off our school.”

Monnig added, “It’s fun to have a unique high school experience that not many people are able to get.”

Jacob Ely ‘18 also qualified as part of the group in 2016, but was unable to attend the national competition due to another commitment.

“I’m excited for the experience and to see how we compete on the national scale,” Ely said.

CJ’s club is monitored by teacher Tony Ricciuto ‘74.

“It’s nice to be in Washington, D.C. and have them experience it again,” Ricciuto noted.

The group qualified for the national tournament after winning the annual Quiz Bowl held by the Dayton Council on World Affairs in January. 

To prepare for the national competition, the seniors have reviewed study materials and have each taken certain current and world topics to focus on as a speciality subject.

The group will compete with around 50 teams from across the world.

Good luck, Eagles!

Updated April 30, 2018; Posted April 26, 2018