Jumpin' to Give Blood

If one pint of blood saves three lives, then the CJ community donated enough of this precious liquid to save 210 lives during its annual blood drive, “Jumpin’ to Give Blood,” sponsored by student council.

“We had close to 90 people try and donate blood, and the Community Blood Center was able to collect over 70 pints,” said Angela Ruffolo, student council moderator.

Regular donor Katie Beyoglides ‘10 was glad to add her contribution to the CJ count. “This helps other people. It is good for me and for them.”

First-time donor Sam Auriccuio ’11 expected the experience to be more painful than what it was. “It felt good to know that I could save lives by donating blood. It’s my first time. I’d love to do it again. It really wasn’t that bad.”

David Kelly, blood drive coordinator for Community Blood Center, said that the Center relies on area high schools to help provide blood to hospitals.

“We serve 24 hospitals and provide 100% of blood needs. Every day we need to get about 350 donations through the door. When we have a high school, it’s a great audience and they love to help.”

“This was a very good drive,” he said. “These are dedicated students and very responsible. It’s part of the value system the school promotes.”

Kelly also expressed his appreciation for the CJ students who spend time at the Center to share their thoughts about giving blood. “Students participate in our focus group so we know how to better reach the high schools community. They donate not only blood, but time.”

Ruffolo also her appreciation to those who donated food, drink and treats to those who gave blood. Those who supported this year’s drive included students, parents, faculty and staff members, Dominos, Ashley’s Bakery, Fox’s Pizza, Dewey’s Pizza, Dorothy Lane Market, Pie Pizzeria and Cousin Vinney’s. “We appreciate them all,” Ruffolo said.