Junior Continues Got Veggies? Mission

A student in the Class of 2018 is ensuring a successful 2016 Senior Capstone project lives on over the summer and throughout the upcoming school year.
Evan Eichenauer ’18 has enlisted several other CJ students to collect fresh fruits and vegetables which in turn are donated to Catholic Social Services as part of the Got Veggies? capstone created last year. 
“There are many reasons that I decided to continue on the Got Veggies? program, but the main reason was for everyone in the community,” said Eichenauer. “I feel that it is wrong that a zip code can sometimes limit people to getting fresh produce to put on the table. By continuing on the program, I get to provide people with fresh produce that they sometimes lack, putting smiles on peoples’ faces each and every day.”
Eichenauer’s sister, Emma ’16, was a member of the original Got Veggies? Senior Capstone group. Last year, those members collected more than 10,000 pounds of fresh produce and were honored by Catholic Social Services with their Youth Leadership and Appreciation awards.
"It is so exciting that Catholic Social Services’ food pantry will continue to receive fresh produce this summer and fall,” Senior Capstone Coordinator Molly Bardine shared. “This is a great partnership which now involves current students and alumni and shows the power of Capstone to create a real legacy. Got Veggies? continues to make an impact on the food deserts in Dayton."
Zachary Bridgett ’18, who has helped Eichenauer over the summer, added, “It gave me a good feeling because I am helping people with my time.”
During their junior year, students complete a research paper that sometimes sparks ideas for their future Senior Capstone Project.
“I have multiple ideas on what my Capstone could be but I am interested in this one,” Bridgett reflected.
So far this summer, Got Veggies? members have gleaned more than 3,000 pounds of fresh produce. Eichenauer shared that volunteers are always needed to continue the program.
If people would like to help, they can email me,” Eichenauer explained. “This help could include donations of produce as well as volunteering to help sort through and deliver produce on Saturday evenings. I need roughly two to three volunteers each Saturday from 6:45 p.m. to around 8:30-9:00 p.m. Volunteers would help sort through and weigh the produce, then help deliver it to Catholic Social Services.
“We are also in need of a bathroom scale to help weigh the produce as we need to provide Catholic Social Services the weight of the donations so they can keep track of how much of the produce is used,” Eichenauer continued. “For anyone who has a scale that they are willing to donate, they can email me as well.”
Posted August 9, 2016