Key Club's Snow Day Challenge

It was a cold winter's day Jan. 7. Classes were canceled at CJ and across the Miami Valley, so many students enjoyed the morning off in the comfort of a warm bed, sleeping in without worrying about weather.

Key Club, however, treated the snow day as an opportunity to help the less fortunate members of our community who are braving the unbearable elements, facing freezing conditions, and battling hunger.

Juniors Emma Eichenauer and Katie Ward (pictured above) initiated what they call the "Snow Day Challenge." The girls made 50 bagged lunches for St. Vincent de Paul, then joined with classmates Sarah Mason, Cole Mason and freshman Riley Mason at school to collect items from others who had "accepted the challenge."

"It's really nice to feel that we're helping people in need and giving them something that they wouldn't have had, especially on a cold day like today," Emma said. Temperatures dipped into the single digits, feeling as cold as -19 degrees at times with the wind chill in Dayton.

The crew from CJ delivered their donations later that afternoon. Now, they are extending an invitation to others to accept the Snow Day Challenge by donating to a local community food pantry or homeless shelter.

"Done!" commented Debra Sanderman on Facebook in response to Key Club's challenge. "My daughter and I made 50 also — thanks for the challenge."

Key Club is moderated by guidance counselor and CJ parent Susan Eichenauer.