Legacy of Sr. Dorothy Stang Alive at CJ

Today, Feb. 12, the Chaminade Julienne community remembers Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN ‘49. On this day in 2005, Sr. Stang was murdered in Anapu, Brazil while living out God's call as a Catholic missionary. She served the poor and marginalized people of the Amazon, who were continually subjected to abuse and oppression from loggers and landowners, for nearly 30 years.

Sr. Stang’s story has been retold and her life memorialized in many ways since her tragic passing. Students, faculty and staff began the morning of the eighth anniversary with a special prayer, written by Mariah Manson ‘13 -- member of FLIGHT -- and read aloud over the P.A.

God blessed are those who are persecuted because they believe in the life and ministry of the risen savior Jesus Christ. We ask that you would help those in foreign countries to stay strong in their faith despite the opposition. Help us here to stay focused on the task that God you have called us to. God we declare today that we will stand up for righteousness and justice for your children. We declare God that we would be a living sacrifice for your glory that we might forever please you in Christ our Lord. Amen.

In October 2011, camera and crew from Maryknoll Magazine traveled to Dayton to learn more about the legacy of Sr. Stang from members of the CJ community and her best friend, Sr. Joan Krimm, SNDdeN ‘48. The interview, conducted in the Sr. Dorothy Stang Room, was the subject of a story in the Winter 2012 issue of Vision, CJ’s alumni magazine.

“I tell people all the time that what separates CJ from other places is that service is incorporated in all aspects of the curriculum and school activities,” said Angela Richardson Mason ‘81 as quoted in Vision. Mason, niece of Sr. Stang, currently serves as an administrative assistant in the office of student services. She joined Sr. Krimm along with Cora Harrison ‘10, religion teacher Mick Mominee and Kelli Kinnear, director of ministry and service, for the Maryknoll interview (the group is pictured above, from left to right).

You can now read managing editor Margaret Gaughan’s story, Angel Guides Alma Mater, in the magazine’s recently published January/February 2013 print issue and online at maryknollmagazine.org. An excerpt from the story is published below (courtesy of Maryknoll Magazine).

Sister Dorothy Stang is one alumna who will never be forgotten at Chaminade Julienne (CJ) Catholic High School in Dayton, Ohio. Religion teacher Mick Mominee and a group of students have made sure of that. They turned one of the school's classrooms into a memorial honoring the Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who gave her life defending poor farmers in their struggle for land rights in the Amazon region of Brazil. Sister Stang was assassinated on Feb. 12, 2005, by gunmen hired by local loggers to silence the woman who spoke for the peasants the loggers were trying to drive off the land.

"We wanted to create a place reflecting Sister Dorothy's advocacy for the poor and the environment," says Mominee, who initiated the project in 2007 with the help of nine students eager to use their artistic talents to pay tribute to their school's modern-day martyr. . .