Living Their Faith

Queen Peters-Thornton '17, Dallas Jones '18 and Patrick Boudinot '18 recently helped lead a junior high retreat at Immaculate Conception School. The Eagles collaborated with students from Carroll and Alter high schools for this faith-filled day. It is the first year CJ students have been invited to participate.

“This is a great opportunity for them to take on a faith leadership role with younger students, and to be positive role models for them,” said Kelli Kinnear, CJ director of Ministry & Service.

The Eagles leaders led a prayer experience for the 7th and 8th graders on retreat. 

“In doing this, they are living out our Profile of a CJ grad by ‘becoming a person of faith’ and ‘a person of compassion and integrity,’” Kinnear said.
CJ students are formed in their faith to become Christ-centered people who live out the Gospel message. Participating in this retreat was one way these CJ students were able to live out the Gospel in their life.

“I learned to be more open to God and to become more accepting to more people,” senior Queen Peters-Thornton said.

“I hold faith as a very important part of my life, and felt that helping others with their faith life is the best thing to do,” junior Patrick Boudinot said.
“Participating in this retreat was important to me because I love helping others,” junior Dallas Jones said. “And it was nice to visit my school again.”

While the retreat leaders enjoyed the experience, the Immaculate Conception students who also inspired by the retreat.

“Hopefully they will be inspired to grow in their faith and to see that if a high school student is open to sharing and living out their faith, it is an okay or ‘cool’ thing for them to do too,” Kinnear said.

For Boudinot, it was his first time participating in a retreat in this capacity.

“My station was all about peace, and my most memorable moment from the retreat was when the youth and I had a prayer circle where we could each voice a peace prayer intention such as peace in the Middle East or peace in our community,” he said. “It was interesting to see what kind of an impact that someone can have on youth.”