Marianist Brothers in Residence Move Out

Members of the Marianist Provincial Council visited the Washington Street Community in Dayton to mark its official closing. On June 15, the council members prayed with the community and shared a festive meal. On June 16, about 100 people gathered to celebrate the Eucharist in the chapel of Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School.

Although a bittersweet occasion, Provincial Marty Solma spoke about the significance of a consecrated life centered on Jesus and about the ways in which the Washington Street community has served important ministries during its 57 years. A social in the community and dinner served in the school library followed the Eucharist. The brothers living at the community were recognized and thanked by Dan Meixner, president of Chaminade Julienne, as were all brothers present who have ever lived at the community.

On June 17, the five Washington Street members departed for their new communities:

  • Bro. Jim Brown to the Alumni Hall Community
  • Bro. Victor Forlani to the Alumni Hall Community
  • Bro. Paul Jablinski to the Mercy Siena Support community
  • Fr. Tom Schroer to the Trinity Avenue Community
  • Bro. Ed Zamierowski to the Mercy Siena Support community
  • Three other Province members spent a major part of the past year as part of the Washington Street community:
  • Fr. Jack McGrath returned to India after a recuperative period in the United States.
  • Fr. Ken Sommer moved to the assisted living area at Mercy Siena a few months ago.
  • Bro. Fred Stovall moved to the Woodlawn Community in San Antonio.

This story is provided courtesy of FamilyOnline. The move was also the subject of an article published in the Spring 2013 issue of Vision, CJ's alumni magazine.