Memorable Service Fair for CJ Students, Graduate

The annual Chaminade Julienne Junior Service Fair brought back memories for both a student and graduate on Tuesday, September 12.

More than 20 organizations partnered with the school’s Ministry & Service office this year to provide opportunities for members of the Class of 2019. Those students’ service requirement is to volunteer at one organization for 25 hours.

“I think it’s really cool,” reflected Noah Jackson ‘19. “It’s different, but I think putting that much effort into an organization and really getting to know the people you’re working for, know why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it with, is an exciting experience.”

June Preston Haney ‘19 said she was focused on volunteering at Grandview Medical Center for personal reasons.

“Earlier in the year, my mom was in a car accident and the hospital workers were really good to her and helped her,” Preston Haney said. “When one of the nurses saw how helpful I was with my mom she said, ‘You could potentially become a nurse. We have programs that you could shadow.’ I had thought about it before — it’s exciting because I know what I could look forward to when I get older, and it’s fun.”

Peter Evans ‘13, who volunteered at Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm during his junior year, represented the Marianist Environmental Education Center (MEEC) at the Service Fair.

“It’s cool to have an impact,” Evans shared. “I remember trying to navigate a world that was as fresh to the Class of 2019 as it was to me back then.”

During his junior year, Evans added that he also volunteered at MEEC. In addition to representing them at the service fair, he is also volunteering through Marianist PULSE (Partners in Urban Leadership, Service and Education).

“It’s given me a good space to reflect, live in a community and learn more about what it means to live in the Marianist family,” Evans added. “I get to envision myself in what it would mean to live in a life of service as I discern the brotherhood; or live in the community otherwise, and how I can be of service in the future.”

Beth Groff, the Volunteer Coordinator of Grandview Hospital, was representing the organization for the first time at the Service Fair.

“We want to bring more youth into our hospital and expose them to more areas of the hospital,” Groff shared. “It allows them to explore opportunities because there are so many young people who want to go into medicine. It not only provides them that opportunity, but also Grandview provides many to those who are under-served, so it provides students that opportunity to get a good feeling of both service aspects.”

Director of Ministry & Service, Kelli Kinnear, added, “The Service Fair gives our students a chance to meet and interact with people who are out in the Dayton community — trying to make changes, do good things and meet them face-to-face. It’s a fun afternoon for our students and the agency representatives.”

Posted September 12, 2017