Meteorologist Discusses Climate Change with Students

“I can make a difference and I want to go out and make that difference.”

Mikayla Jette ‘21 is one of the several juniors and seniors studying Modern Topics in Science: The Environment taught by science teacher Caty Maga. On Tuesday, October 1, Maga invited WDTN-TV Meteorologist Carly Smith to her class to discuss climate change and trends in catastrophic weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding.

Among the several topics, Smith spoke particularly about the record breaking number of tornadoes that broke out in March across the nation and the Memorial Day tornadoes that struck the Miami Valley.

“Overall the number of days where we are seeing tornadoes is going down, but the number of days where we are seeing outbreaks, which is 25 or more EF1 or greater tornadoes, is going up,” Smith said. “That’s concerning because that is going to lead to more widespread damage.”

Smith also discussed carbon in the atmosphere and how that has an impact on climate.

“There are natural rises and falls of carbon that relate to temperature. While we have seen more carbon in the atmosphere in recent decades, scientists still aren’t completely sure of its direct effects.”

For Jette, learning more about the climate has sparked ideas for the future.

“I didn’t know a lot about the changes in climate before this class and I’m starting to learn a lot. This topic is starting to light a fire in me because I know I can make changes in my carbon footprint such as carpooling or walking instead of driving.

“As I look ahead to my senior year and Senior Capstone Project, even if I don’t work on a project pertaining to the environment, other people may, and I will help them create that change.”

Additional Coverage:
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Posted October 1, 2019