Milestones Celebrated

Congratulations to our teachers, educators and administrators who are celebrating milestone anniversaries in service to Catholic education. They are:

  • Erin Ketch, English (5 years)
  • John Marshall, principal (5 years)
  • Susan Eichenauer, guidance (10 years)
  • Jeni Elliott, guidance (10 years)
  • Bill Stachler, science (10 years)
  • Mary Ann Bray. life skills (20 years)
  • Nancy Egbers, math (20 years)
  • Tony Ricciuto, social studies (25 years)
  • Jim Brooks, English (30 years)

Part-time educators celebrating milestones:

  • Mike Kelly, English (5 years)
  • Beth Marshall, English (5 years)

The guidance counselors and full-time educators were recognized for their years of service at the annual teacher recognition awards held May 4 at the Presidential Banquet Center. The following teachers were also honored at this event for successfully earning an Innovative Teaching Grant from the Miami Valley Catholic Education Council and the Catholic Education Collaborative. CJ teachers won 3 of the 17 grants through this program, the most of any school in the area:

  • Ellen Fifarek, Bill Hughett, and Amy O'Loughlin
  • Gina Harrington
  • Meg Draeger, Bob Young, and (again) Amy O'Loughlin

At the banquet, Bob Jackson, who serves as the chairman of the Council and is the father of Emily Jackson '09, shared in his closing remarks, exerpts from a letter he had received from Emily from college, in which she talked about the valuable impact of her Catholic education at CJ. Bob said that Emily is very proud of being a CJ alumnae and thanks her teachers for all they did for her