MLC Organizing First Marianist Monday

LIFE  - Living In Faith Experiences, is something many CJ students already embody. New this year, students are invited to experience MLC - Marianist LIFE Community.

"It's a way to build community, to share in fellowship and grow in faith," explained moderator Jama Badinghaus.

Every Marianist school or parish has a LIFE organization to help everyone grow and live out the Marianist charisms. Earlier this summer, six students were chosen to help lead CJ's MLC. They attended LIFE week at the Bergamo Center with other LIFE groups from around the nation. During that week, the CJ students and moderators decided to create Marianist Mondays beginning this year. The first Marianist Monday of the school year will be on September 14.

"Essentially, the Marianist mission is to build communities in faith," shared Badinghaus. "This is an opportunity for students to do that, to witness and experience it."

"MLC helps students create opportunities to live in faith through different experiences," agreed moderator Mike Hoendorf '03.

This year, MLC is planning to hold Marianist Mondays about once a month. Each Marianist Monday will be after school until around 4:30. The Marianist Mondays will include fellowship, snack, and time for prayer. There will also be larger MLC events throughout the year, including a LIFE rally in October.

"That event will get everyone excited about sharing their faith," Hoendorf said. "There will be music and guest speakers. It will be fun to put a lot of energy into the program."

Badinghaus said students can attend one, some, or all MLCs and enjoy the experience.

"We really see this as an extension to grow in family spirit," she shared. "We have that opportunity with sports, clubs and other small groups, but this an intentional way for students to grow in their faith, grow in community, and share together  in a way that is unique to CJ."

Hoendorf echoed that sentiment. “Being a part of MLC shows students how they can live their lives and incorporate faith into their everyday experiences. For example, students could be hanging out with friends in college, and from their MLC experience at CJ, be comfortable inviting others to pray or attend Mass. Or, if they are watching TV with friends, they can relate to something on a show and stir up a conversation about faith."