Mock Trial Prepares For New Case

After winning the district competition last school year, the Mock Trial team looks to continue their success as they take on the case, State of Harmony v. Riley Green.

The Ohio Center for Law-Related Education organization facilitates a district, regional, and state competition for Ohio high school mock trial teams. According to the organization's website, the 2016 Ohio Mock Trial Case Capsule "explores the Fourth Amend­ment pro­tec­tion against un­rea­son­able searches and seizures as it ap­plies to the use of force by an of­fi­cer to deter or elim­i­nate the threat of harm to the pub­lic and of­fi­cer."

CJ Mock Trial Moderator Tony Ricciuto '74 said club members are now beginning to review the case and will soon decide what role they will play in the trial.

"We will most likely have three teams," Ricciuto said. "Students will either be an attorney, a witness, a bailiff, a time keeper or videographer."

Rachel Marx '16 is participating in Mock Trial for a second year.

"I played a doctor who was a witness last year," Marx explained. "I would like to be a witness again, but I am still looking at the case to determine which character." 

Ricciuto said legal advisors, including Chris Herman, Chris Hollon and Kathryn Huffman, spend time with students leading up to the district competition.

"It's really helpful having local lawyers here as a resource," Marx said.

Mock Trial members additionally have the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills by being a part of the program.

"Speaking in public can be a huge issue for high school students and this gives them an opportunity to practice that," Ricciuto shared.

"At first, Mock Trial was something I wanted on my college application and to help me with public speaking because that is a good skill to have," Marx said. "What made we want to come back this year is the feeling you have when you get on the stand, and when you're doing the trial; when you are satisfied with doing something really well."

If you would like to learn more about Mock Trial, contact Tony Ricciuto.