Mr. Universe Speaks With CJ Wrestlers

"In order to win, you have to have strength."

R.D. Caldwell Junior knows a thing or two about what it takes to have strength. Caldwell, the 2014 NPC Mr. Universe middleweight and overall champion, recently spoke with the CJ wrestling team and shared his nutrition tips along with what motivates him.

"I saw Caldwell recently at the YMCA," shared CJ Wrestling Head Coach Larry Dryden. "I have known him since he was in grade school. So when I saw him, I asked him to talk to the wrestlers about proper nutrition; but I believe they got a whole lot more out of his talk."

Caldwell began his presentation with a prayer and then talked to the wrestlers about his nutrition plan.

"I earned my pro-card naturally, no steroids or growth-hormones," Caldwell affirmed. "If you eat the right food, you'll be better on the mat and in the classroom."

Caldwell was only the third middleweight champion to be named an overall champion in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition. He told the wrestlers he has been lifting weights since he was 14 years old and began participating in bodybuilding competitions in 2002.

"I attribute my faith in God first, but I also attribute my nutrition to why I am undefeated in power lifting," explained Caldwell.  "A lot of power lifters eat junk and I always eat clean and healthy."

Caldwell also encouraged the wrestlers to surround themselves by people who push them in the right direction.

"My father asked me, 'What does it take to be a champion?'" Caldwell said. "At the end of a match, if you know you have given it your all, you can walk away saying 'I gave 100%.' I feel that at the end, that is what makes you a champion."

Dryden reflected about Caldwell's presentation and said, "I hope the wrestlers are inspired by him. I want that inspiration to carry them through the season."