Muse Machine Takes Students Back to the 60's

Students took a trip back in time during the first Muse Machine performance of the year. Time Signature: The 1960s, gave students a lesson in history along with experiencing classic songs.

“The 1960s were full of cultural revolutions, controversial war and musical revolutions as well,” reflected performer Elliot Cromer.

“The production fits into the timeline of everything going on right now,” added stage manager Ben Morrison. “We hope students can draw something from it.”

Time Signature used music including Aretha Franklin, The Beatles and several artists who performed at Woodstock, to give students a better understanding of the revolutionary decade.

“My favorite part of the show is singing John Lennon’s song, ‘Imagine’ with Tia Seay (another performer),” Cromer shared. “The harmonies and the gentle vibe of the song have always connected with me.”

“My favorite part is when the students talk about what they have learned,” Morrison said. “Some of those responses get to me.”

Both Cromer and Morrison agreed that Time Signature is a timely production that students could connect with current world events.

“I think news is a little more readily available for them,” Morrison stated. “It pops up whether they want to see it or not.”

Cromer noted, “So what this show presents is history that makes it stand out and come alive right in front of their eyes. I hope the show peaked the interest of students who hadn’t thought about history and/or theater before.”

Posted September 20, 2017