New Club Focuses on Mental Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children being diagnosed with anxiety and depression has been on the rise (source). That is one of the reasons why Lyndsey Carter ‘20 (St. Albert, Kettering) and Morgan Downey ‘20 (St. Christopher, Vandalia) created the Mental Health Club as part of their Senior Capstone Project.

“I am passionate about mental health awareness,” said Carter. “I’ve also seen the need for improvements with in-patient systems specifically for youth.”

“The whole idea is to get other people involved and to erase the stigma around mental health,” added Downey. “Getting more people aware and how to include others about topics like depression and anxiety is really important, especially at a school like CJ, where we want to include everybody.”

During their first meeting, Carter and Downey led other students in creating vision boards.

“I’ve done this before for other topics like life goals,” explained Carter. “With a focus on mental health, and it being the beginning of the year, we thought it would be good that instead of new year’s resolutions we could have mental health goals. Everyone has school goals, or sports goals, or social goals, but not many think about mental health goals. I think this is a cool way to do something creative but also try to break down that stigma.”

The pair said the group will continue to meet throughout the rest of this school year and hope students continue this group for years to come. In a future meeting, the group plans to create tie-blankets that can be given to youth on their way home from the Behavioral Health In-patient Unit at Dayton Children’s.

Carter concluded, “After everything Dayton has been through this year, there was no better time than now to start this club.”

Posted January 23, 2020