Olympic Souvenir

German language students experienced the 2010 Olympic in an unusual and academic way. They practiced their German by emailing letters to German athletes wishing them good luck and good health during their stay in Vancouver. According to teacher Jake Browning, the exercise took the students beyond watching educational videos and working out of text books to an interactive experience.

Two of the athletes managed to take a break from training and competition and replied to emails sent by Annie Reuter '11 and Nick Flannery. Frank Rommel, a 25-year-old skeleton racer from Oberhof, Germany thanked Flannery for his good wishes and let him know that he was currently in his final stages of training for the Olympics. “I thought it was really cool that an athlete competing on a world stage took time to write to a high school kid,” Flannery said.

Browning was pleased with the responses. “This exercise was an authentic, cultural communication experience. It allowed students to write and interact with a real person instead of learning about someone through a picture in a book.