Performing Arts Parents Group - PoPS - Cultivates Support for the Arts

The Phillips family is all-in when it comes to performing arts.

Seniors Clara and Noah are both in the Chaminade Julienne Concert Band – Noah plays saxophone and Clara plays baritone, oboe and electric bass. Clara is also an Eagle Pride drum major, plays double bass with the Strings Ensemble and sings with Vega. Eighth grader Natalie plays snare drum with Eagle Pride. Mark Phillips – also known as dad – is the president of Parents of Performing Arts Students (PoPS) and his wife Liz is the group’s food coordinator.

Mark and Liz follow in a long tradition of parent support for performing arts and invite other parents to become part of the PoPS community. Benefits include getting to know other CJ parents, meeting your children's friends and offering your time and talent to support CJ performing arts events - everything from hosting performances to baking cookies for band meals and serving as a parent ambassador at a CJ admissions event.

Interested in PoPS? Mark shares more about Chaminade Julienne’s performing arts parent organization.

* What is PoPS?
PoPS is "Parents of Performing Arts Students."  Any parent who has a child involved in a performing art at CJ is automatically a member.  These activities include vocal music (Liturgical Choir, Concert Choir, Hands in Harmony, Phoenix, and Vega); instrumental music (Concert Band, Strings, Eagle Pride, and other smaller ensembles); and drama (acting classes, fall play, spring musical, stage crew, and Busted Box Improv Troupe).

* How many members are there? Do they have to have children involved in performing arts?
We have never counted all the members (number of performing students multiplied by the number of parents), but the number of parents who are actively involved in PoPS in some way throughout the school year is more than 50. We have had parents whose "artsy" children have graduated who continued to support PoPS. We have not had parents whose children were not involved in performing arts at all, but we certainly would not turn them away. Many hands make light work.

* What events does PoPS hold/sponsor?
The primary goal of PoPS is to make life easier for Debi Schutt and her amazing staff when it comes to implementing performing arts activities, and making the experience of CJ's performing students as fulfilling as possible. To that end, we organize after-concert receptions, feed Eagle Pride before football games, feed the cast and crew of the plays between rehearsals, and offer assistance in any way we can. This year, we are putting special focus on helping to build the program. Working with the Admissions Department, we plan to reach out to young potential students. Community receptions will provide an ideal opportunity to invite parents and students, alike, to join the family that is CJ Performing Arts.

* How can I find out more or get involved?
Anyone interested in PoPS should contact Mark Phillips at (937) 790-1345 or via email. You will be put on the email list and be made aware of all the events we are planning. You can also keep an eye on the Parent Weekly for announcements of our next meeting and just show up.