Performing Arts Students Participating in OMEA Competition

More than 20 performing arts students will be playing their instruments or singing for a judge in the Ohio Music Education Association's adjudicated event at Stebbins High School on Saturday, January 23.

"It's giving everyone new opportunities and it's something exciting for everyone to do," shared vocalist Ashley Gerhard '18.

16 solo vocalists, four solo instrumentalists and two instrument ensembles will represent CJ at the event.  Seniors , Jazmin Harris, Tabitha Jordan-Nickels, and Asha Talib will be performing a flute trio.

"I have been friends with Jazmin and Tabitha since freshman year and we haven't done something like this before," reflected Talib. "For it to be our senior year and to prepare and play a piece of music with my friends is one of the greatest experiences ever."

All students will perform in front of a judge who specializes in the student's vocal or instrumental field.

"It makes me a little nervous because they'll be watching for things that someone who doesn't play flute wouldn't necessarily see," said Harris. "The judge will probably give us some corrective criticism afterwards."

"I think anytime you can perform for a different set of ears or a different educator, it's great because you can get their thoughts," added Debi Schutt, Director of Performing Arts.

Drama and choir teacher, Caitlin Bennett, agreed, "I am excited for the students to have the experience of being adjudicated and getting feedback.  We keep saying when an individual improves, the group improves. This helps them focus on different things and getting feedback on things they hadn't thought about before."

Harris, Jordan-Nickels, and Talib shared that after they graduate, they hope to continue playing flute in college. All three are interested in attending the University of Cincinnati and playing in the school's concert or pep bands.

"I have put seven years into this instrument and to quit a hobby is something hard to do, especially when I love playing with my friends," Harris said.

Good luck to all students participating in the OMEA competition!