Reaching Out at Area Service Agency

Every Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. a small group of CJ students, led by one senior member of FLIGHT and an adult chaperone, goes out into the surrounding Dayton community to help with a specific need. This service opportunity known as REACH, which stands for Recreating Earth as Christ Hopes, is offered weekly by the office of ministry and service.

After school, volunteers make the short walk from campus down West Washington Street to The Foodbank, where the group works for an hour bagging lunches before returning to CJ. The lunches are packed for grade school students in local school districts. Students in need are identified by their teachers and given lunches to eat on the weekends.

Although REACH is a popular choice for underclassmen, the service activity is not only for freshman according to senior Mitchell Jones.

“I enjoy REACH because I am able to see younger students start on the path of service that I once began,” Jones said.

“It was nice to work with them to help those in need,” he said.

Members of FLIGHT invite everyone to sign up for REACH.  It is a great way to meet new people, connect with the student body, and help those in need. Students should sign up in the office of ministry and service to receive a permission form.


This Community Update was contributed by Teresa Nguyen, a CJ senior and member of FLIGHT.