Saying 'Thank You' to Vietnam Veterans

Students who learned more about the Vietnam War by participating in CJ’s fall play, “A Piece of My Heart,” or attending as an audience member, took time this week to write notes of gratitude to Veterans. The notes inscribed inside of play programs will be placed on lunch trays at the VA Center on Veteran’s Day.

The October production followed the lives of six women who were sent to Vietnam to serve their country, struggled to make sense of what transpired, and searched for ways to cope when they returned to a nation that shunned them. Through the experience of the play, students had the opportunity to learn what it was like for these six women to be transported into a world that they could never have imagined and then asked to take on responsibilities that most could never understand.

“Students had a glimpse of what it was like to serve in a medical unit under heavy pressure to save as many lives as possible. They saw how they were expected to do the best that they could with little training and fewer resources, all while knowing that they, too, were targets of attack,” said Tina Wagoner, service project moderator.

“Writing notes of appreciation to Veterans was a way for students to react to what they had learned and channel the emotions they experienced into something meaningful. This gave them a way to directly connect with women and men who served our country during this era and say, ‘thanks.’”

Nearly 20 students participated in the project.