Scrunchies Inspire Awareness for Senior Capstone Project

Hair scrunchies are a popular accessory for people to wear around their wrists. For the Senior Capstone Group of Caroline Chaulk, Kaliana Keyes, Lanie Sorg, and Aubrey Trimbach, hair scrunchies were used to also bring awareness about human trafficking.

“Human trafficking awareness is something that I have always been passionate about, but what really made me interested in this topic was the different forms of human trafficking,” Chaulk shared. “Usually, people have one idea about what human trafficking is and that idea is usually sex trafficking. I wanted to focus more on the forced labor aspect which is the biggest category of human trafficking.”

“I became interested in fighting human trafficking the moment I learned about the issue,” said Keyes. “I became even more interested when I learned that Dayton,Ohio is one of the largest human trafficking hubs in America. I realized just how great the issue is and how inhumane human trafficking really is.”

Sorg added, “Dayton is called ‘Crossroads of America’ and human trafficking is prevalent in the area due to the major highways I-75 and I-70. We wanted to come up with a way to create awareness in an interesting way. We thought that because scrunchies have become popular we could make those as well as bring awareness to labor trafficking.” 

On Friday, January 10, the group held an after school event where students could make scrunchies.

“January is Human Trafficking Awareness month and January 11th is the National Day for Human Trafficking Awareness,” Keyes said. “We also found that the color for the awareness is blue. We decided to have our event on the 10th because it was the day before the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. We decided to make all of the scrunchies different shades of blue because it is the color for awareness, and we had hopes that maybe some of the students would wear their scrunchies on the 11th to spread awareness.”

“A good amount of people came to the scrunchie night and left knowing a lot more about a labor trafficking than sex trafficking,” Sorg shared.

Chaulk added, “Bringing awareness to human trafficking and learning how to spot the signs of it is very important. Recognizing the different types of human trafficking is essential to understanding how to help and bring awareness to this social injustice.”

Posted January 16, 2020