Senior Capstone: Body Image

In today’s world, only 11% of girls world-wide feel comfortable using the word “beautiful” to describe themselves. To combat this lack of positive body image, four courageous CJ seniors are using their Senior Capstone project to inspire freshmen girls to be confident in their own beauty.

Seniors Taylor Banks, Gretchen Theil, Kayla Lamantia, and Sarah Downing chose this topic because it is close to their hearts.

“It’s an issue that’s near and dear to us,” said Banks. “We’ve all had issues with body confidence."

On Monday, February 9, freshmen girls gathered in the auditorium to view the senior’s presentation about positive body image. The presentation included statistics and quotes involving the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of body image, and concluded with a viewing of a music video.

The song “Try”, by popular musician Colbie Caillat, inspired the video. The original music video features the lyrics “You don’t have to try so hard” and depicts women and girls taking off their make up, demonstrating that they are happy with themselves and their natural beauty.

The remade version of this video features CJ students taking the same positive action and displaying their natural beauty.

“We’re hoping that showing our remake of the video will show the freshmen girls they can do it too,” said Theil. “If they see older girls they know in the video then they can go natural too.”

“We’re not afraid to put ourselves out there, because we’re beautiful,” added Banks.

Kayla Lamantia decided to share her personal struggle with body image as part of the presentation.

“Every girl goes through this, you are not alone,” she said. “Even when it seems like you’re alone, you’re not, God is there. I was able to realize how beautiful I really am through God”.

When they first sat down in the auditorium, the freshmen girls were instructed to write down their biggest insecurity on a note card that they held throughout the presentation. After they watched the music video, they were then told to rip up the notecard, because “their differences are what make them unique and beautiful”.

“In the past I started to develop body image problems,” said Downing. “This project helped me a lot, it helps to revisit your insecurities and realize they don’t matter.”

All of the seniors hope to convey this positive message to the younger girls.

“We’re really excited to share this message with the freshmen,” said Theil. “Our goal is to impact the girls and let them know they’re beautiful the way they are.”