Seniors Recognized As National Merit Achievers

Update: February 22, 2016: Will Huffman was named a National Merit Finalist by the National Merit Scholarship Program. Congratulations!

September 30, 2015 - Four seniors were recently awarded honors by the National Merit Scholarship Program.  

Will Huffman was named a Semi-Finalist and Allison Huffman, Thomas Krug and Cameron Woodard were named Commended Students. The students were chosen based off the index score of their Preliminary SAT test.

The recognized students shared who or what has been their biggest influence at CJ.

Will Huffman said, "My biggest influence at CJ has been the many teachers who have encouraged and inspired me."

Allison Huffman agreed, "The teachers at CJ have really helped me excel. They are willing to work with me and help me reach success."

Thomas Krug said, "In terms of standardized testing, I think the competition between students has been my biggest motivator."

Cameron Woodard shared, "All of the classes I've taken, whether I enjoyed them the least or the most, have increased my knowledge in a positive way. All of the people I've interacted with have given me another perspective to think about."

All four said they are still considering which college to attend, but some top choices were Notre Dame, Princeton,  University of Chicago, Duke, Vanderbilt, Ohio State University and the University of Dayton.

The students also shared advice to others who will be taking the PSAT on October 14.

"I would recommend studying for it," Allison Huffman said. "My mom really pushed me to study and even an hour or two made a difference."

Thomas Krug shared the same sentiment, "Study hard- it's worth it! Also take the practice test and give yourself normal time conditions, but finish all the problems."

Will Huffman agreed, "I would become familiar with the test. I did well because I already took the SAT beforehand and there were no surprises on test day."

Cameron Woodard said, "My advice is the same as the advice that countless others have given me regarding the PSAT: don't stress over it."