Seniors Share Passion for Natural Beauty

Encouraging others to wear no makeup at least once a month and speaking to younger students about positive body image were just some of the goals of the Senior Capstone Group composed of Caroline Eifert, Erin Heiney, Olivia Livingston, Madison McCoy, and Carly O’Loughlin.

“I was inspired to do my Capstone project on body image by Capstone groups last year,” said McCoy. “I feel as if every girl deserves to love herself no matter what she looks like. I think it is a hard topic for teenage girls to understand and I wanted to be a person to help spread awareness.”

“I was inspired to do this project relating to body image because it has always been something that I have had to deal with in my own personal life as I think it is a big deal in most middle school/teenagers’ lives,” Heiney affirmed. “I have learned over the years to love myself and I really want to show younger girls that there is so much more to life than if you wear enough makeup or how your lips look or how your body looks; that they are beautiful inside and out.”

On Tuesday, February 21, the Capstone group held one of their monthly no makeup days and encouraged CJ students to sign a poster pledging their support of natural beauty. Later that day, the Capstone group spoke to 8th grade girls at St. Peter Catholic School. They also will talk with girls at Immaculate Conception School this week.

“With elementary schools, we showed them a few videos, such as the Dove Challenge, gave them a few quick facts, did a project with them, and asked them a few questions at the end of the presentation,” Livingston reflected. “The project consisted of drawing a body and writing down what they like on one side and what they dislike about themselves on the other side.”

Livingston continued, “As we went to St. Peter's, it was really cute how whenever the girls would bring up something they don't like about themselves their classmates would interrupt, compliment the girl who's talking, and tell her that she shouldn't think that way about herself. I think that everyone should be supportive of one another rather than tear each other down.”

“We hope that girls learn that everyone has things about themselves that they don't like and things that they do like, and that they're not alone in body insecurities,” Eifert added. “We hope girls learn to embrace the things that make them different and unique.”

O’Loughlin emphasized, “Above all else, I really hope that the students learn that it is normal to have doubts about your body image, but nonetheless, everyone should respect their bodies. Self-respect is so important to growth as a person and building healthy relationships.”

Posted February 28, 2017