Seniors Spread Awareness About Brigid's Path

In connection with their Senior Capstone Project, three students shared with the CJ community the large impact a local organization is making by helping babies born addicted to drugs. Jake Jagels, Matthew Keaty, and Cecilia Meadors invited representatives from Brigid’s Path to talk to other CJ students last month. Brigid’s Path is one of a few organizations in the nation currently that provides short-term care for newborns suffering from prenatal drug exposure.

“My interest for this project started last year when I saw some of the statistics that show how the opioid epidemic is affecting babies, and what Brigid’s Path is doing to help,” Keaty said.

It has been noted in dozens of local and national news stories that Dayton is one of the worst areas in the nation for opioid use and overdoses.

“I was interested in helping Brigid’s Path for Capstone because I have been aware of its mission since the beginning of this wonderful organization and I thought it was a group that we could help make a real and lasting difference in our local community,” Jagels added.

Jane Snyder, the Director of Development at Brigid's Path spoke with the CJ community about the organization’s beginnings and what they’re doing now to help babies.

“My group and I figured that bringing in a speaker after school was a nice was to invite people to learn more about what Brigid's Path does as opposed to a donation drive because our main goal is to spread awareness for what the organization needs,” Meadors noted.

In addition to having Snyder talk to students, the Capstone group is organizing a letter writing campaign to Congress.

“Our group is beginning a letter-writing campaign to Ohio's Congresspeople to ask them to support Representative Mike Turner's CRIB act, a bill before Congress that would fund the treatment of babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome,” Jagels explained.

Meadors added, “The Crib Act would start putting social security money towards centers like Brigid's Path.”

Keaty agreed, “I really think that Brigid’s Path is a great organization and what they do is really inspiring. I hope they get the help they need to be able to take on more drug-dependent babies.”

Posted March 7, 2018