Seniors Spread Christmas Cheer as part of Capstone

Seniors looking to make a difference for kids and their parents this Christmas served as personal shopping helpers at the Life Enrichment Center earlier this month. The experience was part of Cheyenne Coyle, Shannon Murray, Cayley Saunders and Kierstin Saunders' Senior Capstone project.

"The surrounding Dayton area is what really interested me — I see child poverty in Dayton and wanted to learn more about it," Kierstin said. 

"I did my Integrated Social Justice Research Project on child poverty," Cayley added. "That inspired me to want to learn more about this topic and be able to help the families who are less fortunate. I wanted to give back to those who are living in poverty and I knew this would give me that opportunity."

The group said they learned about the opportunity to volunteer at the Life Enrichment Center through their group mentor, Katlyn Delong, and Senior Capstone Coordinator, Molly Bardine.

During their time at the Life Enrichment Center, the Capstone members shopped with parents, guiding them to items they may want or need, and getting to know the families they were serving.

"This made me feel great because I was able to help parents pick out gifts for their kids," Cayley said. "It made me feel great because I was helping give these children the best Christmas they could ask for."

For a small fee, parents had the chance to pick up items such as clothes, diapers, and small gifts for their children. Volunteers then wrapped the presents for the parents.

"Just by doing this one service site, we helped so many kids in poverty experience a Christmas they wouldn't normally have," Kierstin noted. "Also, it was so nice to personally help out and do the work, it means so much more."

You can learn more about the Life Enrichment Center and their services here.

Posted December 20, 2017