Shakespeare in the Courtyard

One mid-spring's afternoon at CJ--AP English Literature and Composition students breathed life into several of William Shakespeare's comedic acts. The courtyard was the stage for this open interpretation of the comedic work, "A Mid-Summer's Night Dream."

“It’s fun to see how the class interprets the play,” said Molly Bardine, English teacher. who has been coordinating this outdoor drama now for eight years. “Students always walk away with a greater understanding of what makes the play so humorous.”

“It was so much fun!” senior Beth VanDorpe commented. “Everyone loved performing and it helps us understand what Shakespeare was saying through different perspectives and laughter.”

Laughter and smiles filled the CJ courtyard as these students of the "Bard(ine)" added their own twists on meaning to the presentations.

“What was funny in Shakespeare’s time, is still funny today,” Bardine said. “I love having a chance to bring comedy into the curriculum. My class looks forward to it each year.”