Sister Dorothy Lives!

Today, the entire CJ community gathered in prayer and reflection on the 10th anniversary of Sr. Dorothy Stang's, SNDdeN '49 martydom. Hymns, readings and general intercessions were based on the beatitudes, hallmarks of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, and the example of Sr. Dorothy. We are reminded that we are called to serve, come together in community, and act on behalf of justice and peace in our world.

Sr. Rita Sturwold, SNDdeN '60, who is the U.S. director of mission integration for the Sisters, explained what it was like to receive the news of Sr. Dorothy's death at Mount Notre Dame in Cincinnati. She talked about the impact on the Sisters, and how, in that instant, the world came to know who Sr. Dorothy was — and why her life was taken. Sr. Rita said that from that day on, those in the Brazilian communities that Sr. Dorothy served and those who supported her work, shouted, "Sister Dorothy Lives!" and proclaimed that she now belonged to the world.

She said that since Sr. Dorothy's death, the number of communities and schools in Brazil inspired by Sr. Dorothy and the Sisters of Notre Dame have more than doubled. She said that she appreciated the efforts of Chaminade Julienne and students attending Sisters of Notre Dame schools throughout the world to keep Sr. Dorothy's spirit alive. She closed by reminding everyone that in their individual efforts to stand up for what is right, they could always ask for the intercession of Sr. Dorothy when they come upon a situation that is challenging.

The service closed with the hymn: Dorothy Stang, You Will Never Die, J.P Miranda, arr. Bobby Fisher

Song Refrain: Sister Dorothy, you will live forever in the hearts and minds of all you knew. Like a tree planted by the water your roots run deep, still bearing fruit. Sister Dorothy, you will live forever for you left a legacy of faith. We'll carry on the work you started, praying God will grant us grace.