Sophomore Earns National Recognition for Artwork

“I’m really passionate about human rights so putting that into art is something I never had the opportunity to do before.”

Madeline Hofstetter ‘20 not only embraced the opportunity to express her feelings through a recent art project, but was rewarded by the Scholastic Art & Writing awards with a gold key at the regional level and silver medal at the national level.

“Judges looked at more than 600 mixed media art pieces in grades 8-12,” explained art teacher Chanda Hunt. “After receiving a gold key, the artwork was submitted against thousands from across the county and she received the silver medal. It was amazing - I have goosebumps just thinking about it because it’s so great!”

Hofstetter’s artwork was inspired by social artist Kara Walker.

“I picked the exploitation of femininity now-a-days and how that’s connected to the exploitation of mother nature and in the environment,” Hofstetter explained.

She shared that while she had entered Scholastic competitions before, she was surprised about the recognition of her recent piece.

“I guess it didn’t really hit me how big it was until my mom told me that winning a medal at the national level meant you were in the top 1%,” Hofstetter reflected.

Hunt added, “For me, this was my first year to have a student go onto national and get a silver medal. That’s something I’m processing and experiencing.”

Hofstetter is now working on documenting and showcasing her art so she can receive her medal and certificate in the mail.

Posted April 4, 2018