Sophomores Attend a Leadership Workshop

Leadership is a choice.

That was one of the main messages speaker Ted Wiese shared with the Class of 2020 during a workshop on Tuesday, April 17.

The sophomore class was split into two groups. While one group attended the workshop, the other group attended their normal classes. The two groups switched after lunch.

Wiese didn’t just talk with the students - he had them participate in activities and challenges. This not only allowed students to get out of their chairs and talk to their classmates, but it showed them that being a leader is fun.

“A leader has to do three things,” Wiese shared. “They have to do more than just listen, they need to be actively involved, and they need to have fun.”

“That wasn’t what I was expecting,” Calvin Hatcher ‘20 said after the workshop. “I thought the workshop was impactful, especially talking about having a good attitude.”

“He made it very evident that if you keep a positive attitude that it will positively affect you in everything you do,” Sarah Arnett ‘20 added.

Staci Greene ‘20 agreed, “If you’re negative, you’re not going to get anywhere. If you’re positive, then everything will work out.”

After the workshop, the students left with the positive message of, “I feel great!”

“I think this school, especially the sophomore class, will really put that into use,” Hatcher noted. “We will have more leaders because of the workshop.”

Learn more about Ted Wiese’s program here.

Posted April 19, 2018