Sophomores Test Drive Leadership

Sophomore students explored new ways of thinking about decision-making and leadership at the team-building workshop, Learning To Lead. Participants were nominated by teachers and administrators to attend the day-long conference conducted by national speaker Ted Weise. The workshop's goal is to teach students how to be leaders, work as a productive members of a team, and instill confidence, energy and commitment.

"It was a great feeling to know that my teachers saw leadership qualities in me and I really wanted to go into the conference and learn how to excel those qualities," said Adrianne Marx '12.  "I wasn't quite sure how the day would go but everything turned out amazing and everyone had a great time.

"We all learned how to stay positive, take action, and work together. I truly hope everyone keeps in mind what they learned and that we use the skills we that we learned to be leaders to not only make CJ a better place, but to be leaders for life."

Wally Fisher '12 also thought it was "pretty outstanding" to be nominated to attend the event. "I know this is a good thing that says that there are an unlimited number of ways that you can be a leader in this world. It's our job to learn how to do that and then go out there."

Fisher admits he was excited about a day of missing classes and having fun, but says that the day turned into something much greater than that. "There were a couple of people here that I did not know before today. Now we are working together and having fun together. I will be looking for them and saying 'hi' when I see them in the hall."