Stang Murals Unveiled

Three years in the making, the Sister Dorothy Stang Murals were finally unveiled as part of CJ's annual social justice and global issues forum, now named the Stang Symposium held on February 24.

The murals depict Sister Dorothy's life and mission based on the Beatitudes. A few years back, mural moderator and CJ religion teacher, Mick Mominee, had requested to borrow photos of Sister Dorothy that the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur had in their archives. After looking through the album of over 300 photos, each student chose a picture as inspiration for his or her section of the mural.

"I just saw one of the pictures of all of these people walking down a hill, all going to Sister Dorothy's funeral," said senior Nola Lee. "They were walking down a hill carrying items. My theme was thirsting for justice."

Lee was impressed by how many came to the special unveiling for faculty and staff members. "It was exciting to see all of the teachers there looking at it. It was really cool."

"The murals are gorgeous, but now it's a little sad that the project is done. We had so much fun together [painting the murals]," she said. "We spent so much time doing this. I have new friends now."

Though the last drops of paint are drying, the artists are talking about plans to help create an online mural gallery on the CJ Web site and they hope to have a few more receptions for public viewings of the murals.

Artists who were involved with the creation of the murals are: Cora Harrison '10, Nola Lee '10, Boris Mugisha '10, Romeo Kwihangana '10, Sarah Shanks '10, Erin Wilson, Cedric Ntwali '10, Monica Baker '09, Nikki Crowell.