Starting Summer Serving Others

For 14 CJ students, the first days of summer vacation meant packing a small bag and heading to Cincinnati for a little "R&R" for the soul. The group had agreed to spend a week void of TV, computers, texting and electronics in exchange for the experience of serving Cincinnati's poor.

Each day began and ended with group prayer and reflection while the remaing daylight hours were spent assisting at a food line for the homeless, working at a low income daycare center, or doing behind-the-scenes work at low income home agencies. When members of the group convened each evening at the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor retreat center in St. Bernard, they shared in open and candid discussions about the day's experiences. They also enjoyed each other's company, getting to know one another a little better through fun conversation and sharing in games. A fantastic and eye-opening start to the summer!

—by Deacon Jim Walworth, director of development; mission trip chaperone