STEMM Idol: Dr. Jason Johnston

To kick-off the new semester, Dr. Jason Johnston spoke with students on Tuesday, January 5, as part of the STEMM Idol Speaker Series.

Dr. Johnston is a veterinarian and owner of Miami Acres Animal Hospital in Troy. The business was started by Dr. Johnston's grandfather, Dr. W.J. Lavelle, in 1945. Dr. Johnston said his interest in veterinary medicine began because of his grandfather.

"I have been practicing for 18 years," Dr. Johnston said. "My grandfather had the practice for 66 years."

Dr. Johnston graduated from Wilmington College in 1993 with a B.S. in Chemistry. He completed his veterinary medicine degree at The Ohio State University in 1997.

"The chemistry  or any of the sciences is a great background because the problem solving skills carry over to veterinary medicine," Dr. Johnston explained. "I can't talk to my patients. I have to develop a theory and collect data to prove or disprove that. When I have that information, I have to figure out a plan to correct it."

During the first six years of his practice, Dr. Johnston focused on both farm and companion animal medicine. Today, he chooses to focus on companion animals, such as cats and dogs.

"I wanted to have that desire to try and do it all," Dr. Johnston shared.

Dr. Johnston has served on several local, state and national boards related to veterinary medicine. He is the past president of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association and currently serves on the Ohio Animal Health Foundation Board.

When speaking to the students, Dr. Johnston shared the range of opportunities for them in the veterinary medicine field.

"To be a veterinarian, you have to go to school for an additional three or four years after getting your undergraduate degree," Dr. Johnston told the students. "There are several possibilities to work in a veterinarian office that require less schooling, including becoming a vet tech or aide. Really, you can do anything in this field."

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