STEMM Idol: Jennifer Ward

“I want students to understand what internships and co-ops can do and the importance of learning about the job before graduation,” the most recent STEMM Idol Speaker, Jennifer Ward of Norwood Medical, shared prior to her presentation on Tuesday, January 31. Ward is an industrial engineer with the Dayton company.

“I look at the processing of product, root cause analysis, I facilitate projects, and I look at the work makeup,” Ward said were some of her responsibilities.

Ward, along with Norwood Medical systems administrator Christy Tarzinski, showed students some of the equipment the company makes components for every day. She also noted how advancements in technology have changed the way products are made and used.

“We now do a lot of 3D printing of tumbling operations,” Ward said. “The advancement has been pretty considerable along with the advancement in medicine. We’re going from open heart surgeries to endoscopic,  laparoscopic or even minimally invasive surgeries.”

Ward also emphasized how internships and co-ops helped guide her to the career she wanted to be in.

“I didn’t know the type of things industrial engineers could do,” Ward reflected. “I started in mechanical engineering and then switched.”

She added, “Dayton has a lot to offer engineers.”

STEMM Summer Opportunities

Students looking to continue STEMM education over the summer can find opportunities listed in the CJ STEMM section of the CJ website.

Posted February 6, 2017