STEMM Idol: Joe DeLong

Students had the opportunity to hear from a professional engineer during the STEMM Idol Speaker Series presentation on Tuesday, February 2.

Joe DeLong is a structural engineer at Shell + Meyer Associates Structural Engineers in Kettering. He has worked there since graduating from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree.

"In high school, I enjoyed math and science classes," said DeLong. "When looking at what college majors were available, I gravitated towards engineering and went to UD."

DeLong noted that after "learning the ropes" of building structural design as an engineering intern, he passed the structural Principles and Practice of Engineering Exams to become a licensed Professional Engineer and designated as a Model Law Structural Engineer.

"Everyday is a new and different adventure," DeLong told the students.

Some of the projects DeLong has provided structural analysis, design and development of construction documents on include Kettering Memorial Hospital Schuster Heart Hospital, University of Dayton/GE EPISCenter, Wright State University Neuroscience Engineering Collaborative, University of Dayton Immaculate Conception Chapel renovation, and the Dayton Metro Library Main Library renovation and addition.

"I don't know that I really had an opportunity to learn about engineering in high school so it's great that there is a STEMM program at CJ," DeLong shared. "Your career is a majority of  where you spend your lifetime so it's good to enjoy it and feel like it's rewarding. I'm thankful that I have that in my career."

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