STEMM Idol: Mile Two, LLC

When focused on STEMM careers, students may not always think of psychology and its involvement with technology. However, Dr. John Flach, a former psychology professor with Wright State University, recently shared with students how he is using his passion with the local technology company, Mile Two, LLC.

Flach was joined by Mile Two’s Chief Technology Officer and software developer Jorge Sánchez during the STEMM Idol Speaker Series presentation on Tuesday, September 25. Mile Two was founded on the motto of creating technology to serve people, not replace people.

“When you’re designing technology, you’re making it to work with people,” Sánchez emphasized.

After his career at Wright State, Flach said he was intrigued by the opportunity to work with Mile Two because of their philosophy.

“Mile 2 recognizes that the human factor is an important thing,” Flach said. “In my job, I make sure the technology is meeting the needs of the consumer.”

You can learn more about Mile 2 here.

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Posted October 1, 2018