STEMM Idol Speaker Michael Enright

Avoiding conflicts with coyotes, herding Canadian geese, implementing “culling” and bow hunting programs to combat the harmfully large deer population, electro-shocking fish in the Great Miami River, advocating for “nature’s kidneys,” and more.

All in a day’s work -- and all for the good of the land -- for Michael Enright, a conservation specialist with Five Rivers MetroParks. He comes to CJ to serve as the next STEMM Idol Speaker on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

How does one become a conservation specialist? For Mr. Enright, it all started with making “a personal connection to nature at a young age,” he told the Dayton Daily News in August. The Ohio native grew up playing outdoors in ponds, creeks, and wooded areas before earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology.

Mr. Enirght became the MetroPark’s first wildlife biologist in September 2001. In this role, he is responsible for preserving the area’s natural habitats and resources that wildlife native to Dayton need to survive.

For students interested in the field, Mr. Enright says there’s no better place than Dayton to begin a career because of the city’s emphasis on conservation efforts. “In fact, bigger cities like Columbus and Cleveland look to us, for some of the groundbreaking things we’ve been able to do in MetroParks in terms of wildlife management, habitat protection and the like,” he told the Dayton Daily News.

All students are invited to learn more about our area’s wildlife population and local wetlands (a.k.a. nature’s kidneys) during all homeroom periods in the library.